CatalogingPractices is an open database started in Feb. 2012. Its purpose is to serve as repository of current cataloging practices of University/College libraries inside and outside the United States. It is open to everybody and is created for the benefit of the whole cataloging and technical services community. If you know the current practices of your institution's Technical Services Department, please provide them below by answering the following questions. Thanks for your collaboration.



Who performs the batchloading of vendor-supplied MARC records for ebooks?

After receiving the vendor-supplied MARC records for e-books, does your library enhances or edits them?

Integrated Library Systems (ILS or Classic Catalog)

Which ILS (Classic Catalog) is used in your library?

Discovery Library System

Which Discovery Library System is used?

Authority Control

Is Authority Control outsourced or not?

Consortia membership

Does your library participate in a consortial union catalog?

Quota or statistics of total items cataloged

Does your library keeps track (or quota) of total items cataloged?

National Standards (RDA, AACR2 or both)

Does your library creates original records in RDA, AACR2, or both?

Non-MARC metadata

Do catalogers in your library perform non-MARC metadata duties?

Which non-MARC metadata standards does your library uses?